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InfitMod Limited is a phone cover accessories innovation suite based in Nairobi, Kenya. We  capitalise on major flaws that today’s smartphones are facing, which current companies are constantly improving, producing and selling new versions of their products. 


Be the ideal producer and distributor of value added phone covers across Kenya, East Africa and beyond.


To upgrade smartphones, saving the consumer the cash needed to buy a new gadget, while also protecting it from possible damage. 

We strive towards innovative phone covers by adding features such as battery, wireless bluetooth speaker and extra memory capacity.


To revolutionize phone cases and helps users to go on an extra mile by discovering unlimited possibilities through creating a platform case of an individual desire on anything her smartphone lacks. 

Product features

.• Phone charging capability for two phone devices.

• Additional storage space.

• Amplified sound capacity.

We are the first in Kenya and Africa to innovate trendy phone covers with extra features such as battery, wireless bluetooth speaker and memory capacity.


• Convenience.
• Portability.
• Reliability.

We are building the next generation smartphone cases/covers that are unique and

helpful to your most personalised gadgets such as your smartphone.

Latest News

Nairobi, KENYA.
Thursday, 7th December, 2017.


InfitMod Limited has launched a fundraising campaign through M-Changa, an online fundraising
site. Money raised through the crowdfunder will be used to offset the cost of production of phone
covers, which are being manufactured in China. With a target of seven million Kenya shillings, the
startup is calling on all well wishers to support its cause as the first company in Africa to innovate
such a product.

InfitMod is set to become the first in Africa to launch smart phone covers with additional features
including powerbank that can charge two phones at a go, wireless bluetooth speaker and extra memory capacity. The phone cases will be
unveiled to the Kenyan market in early 2018.

As part of the Company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), It has developed an
initiative to donate a percentage of profits from the sale of InfitMod phone cases towards
selected worthwhile wildlife conservation programmes in Kenya. The smartphone cases will
come in a variety of animal prints depicting Kenya’s wildlife and provide key information on
the animals and status of the Country’s wildlife and conservation efforts.

Inspired by the company’s slogan ‘Dare to Innovate’, the Company, comprised of young
Kenyan professionals and engineers, has designed, created and added value to ordinary
phone covers which only provide minimal surface protection.

Phatari Yussuf, the Chief Executive Officer of InfitMod, said, “Our main goal is to upgrade
smartphones, saving the consumer the cash needed to buy a new gadget, while also
protecting the phone from possible damage. We strive towards innovative phone covers
which provide an extra charge including the ability to charge two phones simultaneously, a
wireless bluetooth speaker and additional memory capacity.”

“The phone cases will come in basic and premium kits. A basic kit comprises of extra
charging capacity and storage memory, while the premium includes additional attachable
bluetooth speaker and HD camera lens kit.”

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Infitmod Limited

11 months 1 week ago

Infitmod Limited

11 months 1 week ago

Infitmod is raising funds through crowdfunding platform mChanga for the next step in our startup journey.

share widely and contribute generously. Thank you

A percentage of funds collected will go towards KWS for conservation of the Elephant and the Rhino


InfitMod Modular Casing | M-Changa


Our phone cover kits come in two versions to provide users with options


 The phone cover kit contains:
 Extra charging capacity 
 Additional storage memory 
❖ The phone cover kit contains:
❖ Extra charging capacity
❖ Additional storage memory
❖ Attachable Bluetooth speaker
❖ Attachable HD Camera Lens
Tailer 1
Trailer 2

The Plus Side of InfitMod

Wildlife Conservation

InfitMod understands the significance and economic value that wildlife provides to the country. In this regard, we have developed an initiative whereby part of the sales proceeds is channelled towards wildlife conservation programmein Kenya.

By acquiring our smart phone covers, you play an important role in efforts towards wildlife conservation in Kenya.

Cutting Edge Technology

Our cutting edge technology has been customized for the African environment and user for better enjoyment and simplified usage. Our engineers have developed the phone cover material with African themes in mind. We invite you to join us in African technology revolution.

Why Choose InfitMod

❖ It is a brand you can trust.
❖ Our phone cover saves you the hassle of buying an extra battery, or carrying bulky power banks when on the move.
❖ You have the confidence to save bulky files without necessarily having to delete crucial existing files to create additional space.
❖ You have the opportunity of having your memorable moments captured in a portable detachable HD camera lens saving you the cost of acquiring expensive camera equipment, or hiring a photographer.
❖ You contribute towards wildlife conservation therefore becoming a key part of the solution.

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